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Madronalvilla brings your attention to the Laws on private villa rentals in Andalucia.!

Any private rental property with Junta De Andalucia tourist license is limited to having occupancy of 15 Adults staying onsight any villa advertising more than this is breaking the Law and potentially could have fines up to 150.000€.

The law regarding outside Music is the same in all of Andalucia with a limitation until 11:PM after that any music has to be inside the property. Madronalvillas has created music rooms for this purpose.


Madronalvillas has made all the necessary updates to our cleaning and preparation routines includes.

  • Hydrogel Stations by the entrances and around the villa
  • Touch Safe applied to Door handles, chair tops light switches throughout.
  • Linen & Towel cleaning at 90deg
  • Masks available surgical masks for visitors
  • Handbag size gel for personal use.
  • All staff have extra training as per Junta de Andalucia requirements
  • Antimicrobial coatings


    • Las Villas han sido protegidas con recubrimientos antibacterianos (manillares de las puertas, mandos a distancia de los aires acondicionados, interruptores de luces) que eliminan los gérmenes instantáneamente.
    • Antes de que el cliente se aloje, todas las habitaciones han sido desinfectadas con un tratamiento electroestático de plata en nano spray que elimina los gérmenes al 99,9%.
    • Los procedimientos anteriores aceleran la llegada y registro de los visitantes, además de los tiempos de limpieza de ambas villas.
    • Todos los clientes recibirán a su llegada mascarillas faciales lavables de tipo A aprobadas por la CE/EU.
    • Se han colocado estaciones de gel hidroalcohólico en las entradas y en varios puntos de la villa.
    • Se han colocado alfombras antibacterianas en la entrada de las villas.
    • Se han colocado expendedores eléctricos de gel hidroalcohólico en los lavabos.
    • Toda la ropa de cama y toallas estarán lavadas a 90 grados.
    • Las baldosas de terracota de alrededor de las villas han sido selladas para facilitar su limpieza.
    • Hay filtros de aire antibacterianos con luz UVC disponibles para los clientes.
    • Todo el personal ha pasado las pruebas de reconocimiento y procedimiento COVID-19 de la Junta de Andalucía.

Both these private residences are perfect for guests seeking tranquillity without forgoing proximity to the world-famous attractions of Marbella, Puerto Banús and San Pedro de Alcántara. A host of modern conveniences, several golf courses and restaurants are merely a short drive away from El Madroñal. Here in A stay at madronalvillas, the relaxed, sophisticated fusion of past and present are ready to be enjoyed in all their glory today.


Culinary pleasures that tantalise the senses and satisfy the soul comes through a Chef-On-Call who celebrates fresh seasonal ingredients. A stay at madronalvillas is like visiting the summer home of a close friend, who whips up a feast for the eyes and palate with ease and you are along for the ride. Savour Mediterranean themed cuisine that embodies a flavoursome kaleidoscope of cultures against blissful vistas, best enjoyed indoors or out with good company and fine wines. Guests are more than welcome to join in the gastronomic adventure to pick up new repertoires from the chef or customise crafted menus to suit individual preferences.


A dedicated residence manager, a chef-on-call and a personal assistant are assigned exclusively to each private residence to welcome on arrival and are at the guests’ full disposal and service. Taking care to note the daily preferences and habits of their residents, the team is never intrusive, yet are always present to ensure a truly enjoyable stay is experienced. The team is on hand to assist with restaurant reservations, private transfers, excursions and activities, spa treatments, special gifts to add to any celebration such as champagne, wines, birthday cakes and flower arrangements or any additional requests.

Reputation - Repectfull - Reliable

Notice for 2021

We are delighted to announce that we have concluded an electricity contract with Novaluz Energia, a green electricity supplier for Small Medium Enterprises. Novaluz, which launched in Spain in 2018, is dedicated to connecting Spanish SMEs with 100% green energy, a cost-saving solution and a user-friendly service.

The Novaluz team has been successfully serving the SME electricity market across northern Europe for decades, supplying green electricity to more than 100,000 businesses since the 90s

Solar & wind powered by Novaluz SL

Clic on the link below for more information

Madronal has converted all our villas to Novaluzpower  please click for more information  https://novaluz.es//