MARBELLA and "Puerto Banus"

What formerly was just a small Andalusian fishing-village turned into one of the most exciting holiday resorts along the Mediterranean coast, one of the favourite places of the rich and beautiful and all those who should not mind to be …

This center of the Jet-Set and Show Business offers beautiful boulevards, parks and gardens, as well as those romantic narrow lanes in the best Moorish or Andalusian tradition that make Marbella’s unmistakable personality.

Great beaches, great climate (with an average temperature of 18,7 deg.C all the year), and a unique offer in sports, gastronomy and entertainment … a visit of Marbella is a guarantee for unforgetable exclusive holidays

Night Life in Marbella

You must have visited Marbella yourself in order to be able to imagine how much nightlife can take place in such a small location.

During summer season you’ll find here all the Rich and Famous and Beautiful, and even if, as a “normal” visitor, one is excluded of their private parties, you may enjoy seeing their luxury yachts and cars. And perhaps, in one of the discotheques of the better hotels, you will be elbow to elbow with a filmstar or another prominent personage. Anyhow, everyone will get entertained here …

Puerto Banus

In Puerto Banus you will find exactly the ambience you might have thought before that existed only in cinema. And if you dispose of the banking-account of an Arabian oil-sheik, the many night-bars and the Casino offer 1001 ways to decrease it considerably.
The center of town
In the center of town you may enjoy of the contrast between the structures of international top tourism with the ambience of a small Spanish town. On Plaza de los Naranjos and in the narrow streets close to it there are beautiful summer-terraces, very often with the additional attraction of performances by international top bands.

Marbella: Sightseeing

Between Estepona and Cabopino there are beautiful beaches on a length of 32 kilometers, The many small bars, Chiringuitos, located at the seaside offer the possibility to enjoy many of the delicious regional kitchen and fish-specialities the the coast is famous for.

Fans of any kind of water-sports will find great possibilities here, and if watching the many beautiful yachts that anchor in Marbella has put you in the mood to have some cruise you may rent a yacht yourself. Its size and characteristics will be limited only by your economic possibilities.

Puerto Banus.

The meeting-point of the jet-set in Marbella, here you’ll find the most beautiful yachts, the most elegant shops and the best restaurants. The shiningly white buildings make a fine contrast with the dark blue sea – a pleasure for the eyes.

Center of Town Marbella.

Plaza de los Naranjos is not only geographically the central point of Marbella, but as well the center of life at day- and nighttime. It is a nice square in typical Andalusian style with some Moorish influences, and its name comes from the many orange-trees growing there. Have a look at its 15th century Renaissance fountain, the 16th century town-hall and the 17th century Casa del Corregidor.

Starting from here you may have a walk through the romantic narrow streets inbetween white houses with balconies decorated with amounts of flowers Photo.

Below Avenida del Mar, a beautiful promenade along the sea, there are ample parking garages, located just a few minutes by foot from the center of town.

Museums and Monuments

The oldest historical remains to be found in Marbella are of the times of ancient Romans. The settlement of Villa Romana in Rio Verde is from 2nd, the Roman Thermal Spas are from 3rd century.

In Vega del Mar there is a 4th century Basilica from the earliest epoch of Christinism.

More attractions are the ruins of a 9th century Moorish fortress Photo, the 16th century church Iglesia de la Encarnación and the Bazán Palace from the same epoch. In its interior you may visit the Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engravings Photo, the most important in all Spain, with works of Picasso, Dalí, Miró and Tapies.

At Plaza de los Naranjos there is the Archaeological Museum, with interesting objects from Roman, Visigothic and Paleochristian epochs.

The Parks

Most interesting among the many beautiful parks of Marbella is perhaps the one of “Arrollo de la Ripresa” with its Bonsai-Museum, one of the most important collections of those “micro-trees” in all Europe.

The Park of Alameda Photo is a botanical garden with many very rare plants.

In Parque de la Constitución Photo you find the typical Mediterranean flora, alternating with buildings of Moorish style. During summer-season take place here concerts and ballett-performances.